Meeting - Brain Plasticity of the Vestibular and Ocular Motor Systems

A Satellite Event of the FENS Forum 2014, Milan


Como, 3rd-4th July 2014

Meeting Organisers

Stefan GlasauerStefano RamatBarry Seemungal


The venue for this conference is Villa del Grumello. Registration includes daytime refreshments and a boat trip with dinner on the Thursday evening.


Meeting Focus

Brain plasticity of the vestibular and ocular motor systems with the aim of improving the treatment for patients who complain of dizziness and/or eye movement problems (e.g. strabismus or nystagmus). To derive better treatment for patients we need to combine basic science that investigates plasticity in the relevant systems including electrophysiology, pharmacology, optogenetics and modelling with scientific studies of human brain function as well as clinical studies.


The deadline for abstract submissions has now passed.

The conference is limited to 50 people. THERE WILL BE A €200 PRIZE FOR THE BEST POSTER.


Sponsored by Imperial College London & the German Center for Vertigo and Balance Disorders (DSGZ)

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